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Organisations are more likely to perform well when their people work effectively as a team. This is because good teamwork creates synergy – where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts. Working together a team can draw upon individual perspectives, experience, and skills to solve difficult problems, creating new solutions, strategies and ideas that may be beyond the scope of any one individual.


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“Bottom line, if people don’t feel safe, they can’t be creative. If they aren’t creative, they can’t innovate. If they don’t innovate, the business eventually becomes obsolete.” “When leaders are unwilling or unable to talk about tough issues, co-founders fight, high performers quit, equally talented people get fired unfairly, projects fall apart or miss deadlines,… Read More

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Ever felt like you do lots of work but never quite get there in terms of finishing. This awesome article by Leon Ho on Lifehack has some excellent advice about getting a balance in your priorities and has a ingenious hack on the “to do list”.

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As a team leader, how are you helping your team grapple with the big questions, dilemmas and work issues that they face? In this short blog reflection I take a look at a simple process that brings confident actions and assured outcomes that are right for your situation. In my past work life as a… Read More

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Our happy users

The session was extremely well planned, responsive to participants needs and has resulted in an extremely positive outcome for the academy. 

I was amazed at how quickly so many creative ideas flowed from the young people, whilst helping them to listen to each other and build on their experiences

A really productive day that was both insightful and enjoyable – for me, lots of things to consider in relation to priorities going forward.

What makes us tick...

We are passionate about learning, reflection and action. We believe that good ideas have the power to transform how we think, speak and act. We know that collaborative working takes a lot of effort but it is well worth it. Education is a journey not a destination…