Ideas Alchemy Consulting Limited

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Ideas Alchemy is a learning and development consultancy that works with people and teams across businesses, educational organisations and charities.

We blend the worlds of smart thinking, coaching conversations, strategic innovation, team development and organisational culture with creative play to deliver cutting edge results for clients.

We believe that better teams generate greater capacity and deeper understanding to navigate the disruptive world of work and life.

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Creative Edge

Teams make organisations thrive: Teams lie at the heart of nearly all organisations and we believe that better teams make for better work. Taking time to improve team dynamics, communication and trust is never wasted. At Ideas Alchemy we ♥ teams.

Learning is for life: able to think differently is the beginning of innovation and creativity. At Ideas Alchemy, we believe that constantly learning and reflecting makes us stronger, sharper and fitter.

Playful methods: Through play we help organisations discover new ideas, explore powerful emotions and gain deeper insights for better work. Ideas Alchemy takes play very seriously.

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Innovative Tools

001-lego-copy copyLEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: We work alongside individuals, teams and organisations using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and materials. This method gets people talking and listening in new ways.

002-team-copy copyExploring Team Roles​: We use recognised methods and tools to help individuals fulfil their potential within a team. We seek to identify their key strengths and apply them to the team task for maximum impact.

003-jigsaw-copy copyGamification: We learn best when we play! Gamification is a process that uses a set of co-creation tools to innovate, break rules and inspire change-makers in workshops and learning experiences.

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How we can work with you.


  • Team Building
  • Strategy Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring Conversations
  • Thinking Differently & Generating Fresh Ideas
  • Education & Schools Programmes
  • Conference Speaking & Large Events