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about us.

Ideas Alchemy is a learning and development consultancy that works with people and teams across businesses, educational organisations and charities.

We blend the worlds of smart thinking, coaching conversations, strategic innovation, team development and organisational culture with creative play to deliver cutting edge results for clients. 

We believe that better teams generate greater capacity and deeper understanding to navigate the disruptive world of work and life.



Our focus


Teams lie at the heart of nearly all organisations and we believe that better teams make for better work. Taking time to improve team dynamics, communication and trust is never wasted. At Ideas Alchemy we ♥ teams.


Being able to think differently is the beginning of innovation and creativity. At Ideas Alchemy, we believe that constantly learning and reflecting makes us stronger, sharper and fitter.


Through play we help organisations discover new ideas, explore powerful emotions and gain deeper insights for better work. Ideas Alchemy takes play very seriously.


Our Tools


We work alongside individuals, teams and organisations using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and materials. This method gets people talking and listening in new ways.

Exploring Team Roles​

We use recognised methods and tools to help individuals fulfil their potential within a team. We seek to identify their key strengths and apply them to the team task for maximum impact.


We learn best when we play! Gamification is a process that uses a set of co-creation tools to innovate, break rules and inspire change-makers in workshops and learning experiences.


Our Services

Team Development

Strategy Development

Coaching Conversations

Education & Schools Programmes

Generating Fresh Ideas

Large Events & Conferences​​



Durham University, School Of Education
Angela Gill

Assistant Professor, School of Education, Durham University.

The staff and students at the School of Education, Durham University would like to thank Ben for the LEGO® Serious Play® sessions that he delivered for our Initial Teacher Education students.  The sessions were thoughtfully planned and fitted our brief perfectly.  Ben’s expertise and enthusiasm shone through in his delivery; an excellent role model for our undergraduate and postgraduate students who are training to be primary teachers.  The sessions were engaging, thought provoking and fun.  Our students were able to make links between the LSP methodology, related theory and pedagogy.  It was a privilege to share Ben’s insight and knowledge, through practical activities and discussion.

December 2018 

Amanda Johnston

Chief Executive Officer, Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust

The Trust is at a pivotal phase in its development and so it was a pleasure to commission Ben to work with our talented team of Principals. Ben listened carefully to brief and evolved the session from the responses given by the Principals, skilfully weaving in educational pedagogy and examples of how they might take the LSP strategies back to their academies. This was a professional development session that was practical, relevant, relatable and enjoyable and certainly got everyone talking!

November 2018

Capital Youth, Diocese of London
Sam Donoghue

Head of Children's and Youth Ministry Support, Diocese of London

We were so grateful for the work Ben did with us at our Minster Learning Community. It was the second time we’d had them together and the creative way he led transformed the time. Everyone went away with really key insights to develop their work and expand their thinking.  

It was interesting to see how when Ben began the group definitely had some who were instantly really excited but also a few who seemed more cautious. Over time you could see how people were able to trust Ben and the process more and more leading to everyone really committing to it and getting loads from it.

October 2018

Gill Peckham

Director of Housing/ACEO, CESSA Housing Association

It was amazing how quickly people engaged with the session and started to think creatively and outside the box, even those people whose natural style is very ‘matter of fact’ and practical.  The outcomes amazed us all and we all loved the duck!  We all learned a lot about one another, and the day resulted in not only a lot of enjoyment, but also an inspiring outcome with meaning for everyone.

September 2018

Mr. Q. Roper

Director of Education, The Diocese of Canterbury

A really productive day that was both insightful and enjoyable – for me, lots of things to consider in relation to priorities going forward.

July 2017

Church of England, National Youth & Children's Adviser
Mary Hawes

National Children & Youth Adviser, Church of England

I was amazed at how quickly so many creative ideas flowed from the young people, whilst helping them to listen to each other and build on their experiences

September 2016




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